Friday, December 23, 2011

gyiem's cycle



 exam spirit have made me to do this *ㅅ$^*ㅁo&네#@ㅕ""ㅈ things..H.O.E??
actually this is not a krebs cycle or phosphorus cycle or nitrogen cycle n #whatsoeva..
(as i've learnt on bio n environmental sc class)
but this is my cycle a.k.a gyiem cycle.. STUDENT LIFE CYCLE
ok..honestly i take it from mr. google.. gomawo!
but there's something wrong between dis cycle n mine..
n i feel neomu neomu lazy to edit,,
i'll explain it here..
1) i don't 've any tutorial class .. it supposed to be LAB.. (claping hands)
2) i'm not kaki facebook .. jigeum!! facebook nothing to me..
3) i'm not taken food during late night or 9pm n above.. on DIET ok n it's not good for our health..

for ur information.. study week will begin tomorrow,. 
n i truly deeply wanna welcoming it with the bright smile..
please be nice to me yaa..
don't waste my time..(sepatutnye die yg kene cakap kat aku cam tu)..
i realise..
it's hard for me to not socialize with internet n surfing allkpop n #whatsoeva..
but i try to do it as hard as i can..'s 12.40 pm already!! i've a class later ..
going to bath first..hehe..

sesaje nk tunjuk my bias- kibum's SUJU n krystal's f(x)

p/s: sori for broken not fluent english n hangul like u...
not u but people behind u..sori if terase..nggee~~
yaa i know lar i mix hangul + english =HANGlish 
eventhough im not mat salihrean.. as long as i try right?? i wrong??
jangan annoying kat aku taw..kate kawan..**TETIBE**

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